OpenOffice Plugin: Put cursor in Search field automatically


It would be nice if in the OpenOffice plugin (and Word too, I suppose) if the cursor could automatically be placed in the search field. I've set it up so that I can use a shortcut key to pull up the dialogue, so if I could just start typing instead of having to select the search field first, it would be perfect!


  • Just a bump to see there are any plans to support this? I am using Sync Preview 3.3 with Word plugin 1.0b4 and taking the plunge to strip out my old Endnote citations from a paper I'm writing and switch to zotero.

    As other posters, I have assigned a shortcut to the insert-citation macro, but the fact that focus doesn't switch to the plugin slows things down. I would be happy with anywhere in the plugin having focus, and tabbing to the relevant field, but starting in search would be preferred!
  • The citation window gets focus—with the cursor in the Search field—on OS X, but we haven't found a way to make this work on Windows. If we find a way, we'll certainly implement it.
  • I'd like to add my vote to this request - it would be great if a user could cite an article using only the keyboard.
  • Ditto. Clicking on the search field takes me just a moment, but in the course of a Master's thesis that's a LOT of moments ;)
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