• Thanks for the update and temporary fix. I had started getting the errors (again) and was using standalone. Firefox 46 is now syncing (up&down) again.
  • Yep, Firefox 46. I just generated a Debug D803904143 - not sure if you can tell from there it is the exact same setup from before. I have no explanations - but I'm happy it is working! Thanks
  • Dan, Just for completion - I just uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it, and it is synchronizing OK now. Thanks for the help, at least today I could work on my laptop whilst away after manually transferring the library to it. Carlos
  • Dan, I manually transferred the library to the laptop and it sync'ed just fine from my home network. So I guess the problem is with my desktop PC - very weird! Would you recommend me anything else about that one? i.e, would reinstalling Firefox/Zo…
  • No, this is actually a desktop at home, running Win 7, no proxies or anything, just going through a home router. Windows Security Essentials, no firewall other than Windows' one. I checked latest updates just in case, all I have are new Windows Secu…
  • Dan, Yes, restarted Firefox, restarted Windows, disable everything but Zotero extension (even disabled Word and ZotFile plugins). Here's the debug ID: D1467931023 I hope this helps..... Thanks again, Carlos
  • hi Dan, Yes, it is strange, and yes, I can access both those addresses from the same Firefox, which is still giving me the same error (latest ID 873736941) Trying to think of possible causes, only thing I've done in these days was install a new st…