• I was also finding that Ctrl+Shift+C was copying the entire bibliographic entry (in Biblatex format) rather than just \cite{cite-key}. Then I discovered that the Shortcuts tab under Advanced in Zotero Preferences was showing Ctrrl+Shift+C for "Copy…
  • I should add that many journals are being abbreviated correctly--so it is not a general abbreviation problem.
  • For instance, a journal that I want to publish in says that the journal "Marketing Science" should be abbreviated to "Marketing Sc." Zotero doesn't do this automatically. And I have a lot of "Marketing Science" citations--can't do it one by one. …
  • The problem is, Zotero is not abbreviating certain journals the way I want it to. The database it refers to for abbreviations is simply incomplete. Is there a way to add specific abbreviations to the database it consults? Thanks.
  • For some journals, automatic abbreviation does not work (in Better Biblatex exports). Is there a way to update databases such as Elsevier (Harvard) with the journals that they are missing? Thanks.
  • Thanks Adam. A quick follow-up, if you don't mind: Within Latex, using BibLatex, does it matter whether the bbl file was exported under Better BibLatex or Better Bibtex? Thanks again.
  • Using Better BibLatex export, only Date is generated (no Year). Sometimes these Date entries have Year-Month-Date and sometimes they have just Year. My question is, will Latex, using BibLatex in Author-Year style, pick up the year information …