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  • Dear bwiernik, please don't be offended. I certainly didn't mean to come across as demanding or ungrateful. Please forgive any impatience on my part. It's tiredness and sleep deprivation talking. 1. I couldn't cite at all this morning. When I tried …
  • I thank everyone who has contributed to this thread. This is not directed at you but I have reached my limit. I may not be particularly tech savvy but I am competent. I have struggled with Zotero ever since I started using it. My job is to produce …
  • This is the format in the Chicago 17th edition. However, I think having a footnote reference number in superscript is the lesser of two evils. So I am hoping the uni will accept it. Thanks for your help again.
  • Thank you biwiernik. By "inserting footer by mistake" I meant that when I started on my dissertation 4 years ago, I started using Zotero. I also started using Word for writing. I couldn't figure out the diffs between Footer (which I instinctively …
  • Can someone help me with this? I have had problems with my citations because 1. I inserted my footnote reference under footer (my mistake. Didn't know how to use the style pane and could not find explanation between footnote reference and footnote t…