• I want to strongly support the proposal for an undo delete collection function. Was attempting to delete a single item in the collection, but somehow the collection was deleted instead. It's really easy to mistake a selected collection for a selecte…
  • Yeah if I had my way here I'd be with you. I'm no shill for the APA, I just am unfortunately beholden to their system and have to use UpToDate. It'd be nice at least if UpToDate articles were recognized as journal articles instead of webpages, so th…
  • Unfortunately, I can't control what is required by my school.
  • I second this, except that with APA standards, UpToDate is considered a special sort of journal article that requires a retrieval date as well as the last updated date. Right now I have to edit all the UpToDate imports.
  • I'm having this problem too - the below URL didn't work for me: It will save the URL and access date/time with title "UpToDate" - …