• Thank you very much Dan! Your help is really appreciated especially as it should be early in the morning in the states :-)
  • I won't be of much help as I am an administrator and user but not a programmer. I also do not have a big budget to be of any help. Of course I could and would advocate this at my university if the code is available. I don't think that things mu…
  • At the moment we are working with Bibus that connects to sqlite and mysql databases. We use both versions depending on what we need and how many users have to work together. This solution may is not as convenient as Zotero in some aspects but gives …
  • I strongly agree with all those who ask for a possibility to have a local server. We too would only switch to a solution where we control the server. That's not a question of trust. We simply need the flexibility and security that comes with a dedic…