• By the way, I looked over the annotated style from github and compared it to the original. Now I think I have a somewhat better understanding of what you're talking about.
  • Okay, great! That works. Thanks a lot!
  • Hi - thanks. That's way beyond my level of expertise. I was hoping for something where I could choose whether I wanted a regular biblio or an annotated biblio that included the abstract notes. I don't know how to do the programming you're talking ab…
  • Is it possible to generated an APA 6th Edition annotated bibliography with Zotero? I've read the thread but don't see what I'm looking for, or maybe the jargon and instructions are beyond my level. Thanks very much.
  • I understand. Hopefully the interface works tomorrow. Thanks. And you're right - that would be cool if Zotero's lookup worked directly with the LOC. I love this add on, anyway.
  • Okay, I'll try tomorrow. Meanwhile, where do I find LOC information? I'm new at this. But I'm happy to use a workaround - particularly if it works better. Thanks very much.
  • I read and followed all of the above instructions, but my ISBN lookup is not working no matter what I try. And it used to work beautifully . . . now it won't even find isbn records that it found before. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Zoter…