• I have struggled with this same issue for months and then finally found a path that is easy and seems to work in Chrome OS. Maybe this can help others. Make sure you are running ChromeOS v72 or later and enable Linux Apps for Chromebook in the Set…
  • I'm using a Pixelbook and installed Zotero as a Linux app. This was on the edge of my capability, but I got it done. Much to my suprise Zotero did not integrate with Google Docs. Then I found your post. You are a genius! This worked well. I ho…
  • Yea, I would not re-install iDisk. To be clear, the fix I had didn't work continuosly. I still get the error message. I "Revert ot Aboslute Paths," then re-establish a link to the new file and click through 200 error messages. This fix lasts abo…
  • The unhelpful error message was a pop-up box, probably from the OSX system saying ... "There was a problem connecting to the server "". Please contact your system administrator." and included a "dismiss" button.
  • Thank you! I'm not sure if it was Zutilo or your tip of Advanced>Files and Folders>Link Attachment Base Directory ... it seems to have worked. When I went to Link Attachment Base Directory and set it to the new path I had to click through ab…
  • Drag and Drop directly into Word or PPT? ... doooooh! (head slap) Works just fine. Thanks.