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  • We didn't need to fix this issue, finaly. So I can't help you further, sorry. We've migrated our system to Alma ILS - Primo NUI Discovery tool in 2018 and had to deal with some Primo translator's troubles... which were fixed by our institution deve…
  • Merci @Gracile. J'ai transmis ce lien au service informatique de la BIU de Montpellier.
  • Thank you @zuphilip I took a look to the HTML of our website's page displaying a record within the catalog and didn't find any MARC data, so I begin to understand a part of the difficulty (by comparison with the same record in the previous catalog'p…
  • I posted the request above in the same terms and it was denied by a group moderator, so I can't post any link to my post on zotero-dev. Here's the copy of the message I got : zotero-dev Google Groups Logo for Google Groups Unfortunately, your rece…
  • My request was denied from zotero-dev's group because it's not a technical one. I don't know how to find some help.
  • Merci @Gracile. Je viens de publier ma question sur liste de diffusion zotero-dev mais je crains de ne pas comprendre la réponse, s'il y en a une ! J'espère encore une réponse de @adamsmith ou @zuphilip car ce problème impacte une grande partie des…