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  • @j.cossio I see now that the preference that you mentioned is linked to that same setting in the about:config. It works for me for both the articles (saves just the PDFs) and on web pages (doesn't include the snapshot) so I don't know where to steer…
  • I just figured this out myself ... Go to: Edit (menu) -> Preferences -> Advanced (tab) -> Config Editor (button) Click "I accept the risk!" (button) Search for "snapshot" in the search box. Double-click "extensions.zotero.automaticSnaps…
  • adamsmith - very interesting. I also saw ajylon's patch, ticket #1563 (add ability to add links by URI and edit existing link attachment URIs) https://www.zotero.org/trac/ticket/1563 It seems using ZotDevon and DEVONThink would require i…
  • mronkko - you're right, I could do that, and I have done that. But with the new evernote moleskine, or other features, we would have to wait for Zotero to develop this. It's certainly not in Zotero's core mission. But Zotero could provide 3rd p…
  • You're right, I think a use case is in order. Adding links to Zotero items from other software is not what I had in mind, nor does it solve the issues I'm thinking of. Problem scenario: 1. I'm reading a book. 2. I take notes with pen & …
  • Fantastic. I'll donate some coffee/beer money to encourage this effort.