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  • In the end it seems that I solved it... it was all due to a "read-only" attribute in one of the PDFs in the database! Perhaps ZOTERO could give a less cryptic error in these cases... I know it is probably a rare error, but anyway...
  • OK, so today I just got the same error again, but in a completely different site: http://iopscience.iop.org/0031-9155/54/11/015 And then I enabled debug output and tried it again... and it worked. So perhaps the error is not related to the…
  • To be honest right now I'm not able to replicate it also, but I'm on a different account now... when (if) I encounter this again, I will use the debug output and post the ID here... thanks for the feedback!
  • I'm having the following error when trying to translate an IEEE article: TypeError: win.ZoteroPane.document is undefined The article that I'm trying to translate is: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpls/abs_all.jsp?arnumber=5485129 And the…
  • OK, I stand corrected, indeed with this usage the rating feature can be approximated. However, I would still prefer to have a "rating column" to show how many stars each paper on the paper list currently showing has, and to be able to quickly s…
  • Thanks for the feedback, adam. One question so I can better understand your usage suggestion: what do you mean exactly by "clicking" on the tags? Where do I click on them?
  • I would also like very much for a rating system, 5-star is fine. For someone who asked why aren't Tags enough, here's a quick reply: I use tags to categorize my references, and I search in these categories by having a Saved Search with each cat…
  • Hey nashix and Dan, thanks for the info and for posting it at the Known Issues page! I was getting mad with not being able to open zotero here!!! ;)
  • This problem was affecting me too... Thanks for your help swissarah... It's a very good temporary solution. But I really wish there was a way to set the font of the citations, because if you happen to be working in 2 documents at the same time, with…