• Sorry for my ignorance but when you say "save the file" to the data directory do you mean "save page as" or do I somehow copy and paste the coding, or ? Thanks for breaking it down for this relatively inexperienced user ;)
  • I have this same problem, Report ID: 1024147546. My boss and I (working on separate computers with different Zotero accounts) have also been experiencing trouble accessing the Groups page today.
  • Thank you! I just completed the transfer and everything looks good :)
  • I should also mention that most of the committee members do not have access to this institutional drive (and I must use tsweb to do so from home)...it seems this would not matter but I am not the most tech savvy individual so thought I should mentio…
  • Never mind - we are all set! The new group owner didn't realize he had to click on the Group name to access the ownership acceptance link :)
  • Please help, my quota is full and I tried to transfer ownership weeks ago but the deisred new owner sees no link to click for accepting new ownership anywhere on any of the Groups pages, and no email was received. It still says "transfer pending" on…