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  • Okay, not certain what I had done wrong, but I've got it worked out now. Ended up starting over with my custom CSL file, using the new CSL (instead of my old CSL file) as the base. Thanks for your help!
  • 1) I don't know what validating the style means. 2) I did give it a unique ID value. I'll try it all again. The updated APA style from the repository *does* double-space my reference list, but adding the "line-spacing" entry to my custome …
  • Well, I installed the updated style, inspected it, then copied the line-spacing option into my custom CSL file (in which I've also edited out the commands to pull in DOI information). Even with the updated style, my reference are still single spaced…
  • Sean, do I just add that option to the bibliography macro, or do I modify the "entry-spacing" line?
  • When I adjust the line spacing in Word, it returns to single-spacing when zotero is refreshed. Is there a way to edit the CSL file? I found an "entry-spacing" item in the "layout" macro for the bibliography, but adjusting the values has had no …
  • While srod10 does seem to go overboard in the bashing, the point about the reference list is valid. APA style calls for double-spaced references, but the reference list generated by zotero is single-spaced. When I manually set it to double-space wit…