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  • Right, unfortunately not. We could add that request in the Zotero whiteboard as a desideratum.
  • Please, reconsider the item type "review" to be added as an independent object and not just to be recognized by the "reviewed author". I know there has already been discussion about that, but it would be helpful for many people I guess. Thanks, anna
  • Thank you m.lana, to try to avoid the problem of the 2 sections for the time being I have created 2 items: 1 for the reviewed object, 1 for the review, and then I have connected the review to the reviewed object via the Zotero link functionality. Ho…
  • Dear dstillman, many many thanks for your help. I'll wait then.
  • this would be great: it could be in the same 'item category->journal' but the little icon could be slightly different (an R on the top of it for instance?) in order to make the user understand that it is a review. The same could at best apply eve…
  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have changed the user name into ac1211, but the entries (about 3450) are still under the previous one, which corresponds by the way to my 'real name' in Zotero. Could it be that under ADDED BY Zotero put your REAL NAME …
  • I see your point and you are right in saying that reviews can appear in different forms and that in a way it wouldn't make much sense to force that into a single category. For my library purposes, however, it would be good if the user could immediat…