• I'm sorry if I repeated something that has been flogged to death elsewhere and I'm glad to hear that you understand the problem.
  • "However, the focus will remain primarily developers..." Whatever approach is taken, as long as the appropriate styles/layouts are not available, potential users cannot switch from packages like Endnote.
  • I know it is an obvious statement but what is available is aimed at developers. E.g. our librarian is a layout expert, has a basic knowledge of xml and would find it very easy to incert a new record into a database; at the same time she is very bus…
  • Anyway, to recap - I would like to be able to store my ideas/observations in Zotero. To do this I assume I would use standalone notes. I would then like to link in references which I have obtained from pubmed. I can do this via the 'related' butto…
  • Wether it is relationships, tags or custom fields, is the problem any different from dealing with xml? Only predefined elements can be universally understood yet it is still possible to have custom elements or attributes which allows identification…
  • if A the your observation (note), what if you want A is refuted by B?
  • For me it makes more sense to use 'refuted by' and 'supported by' rather than refutes and supports. I find it gives a more intuitive idea of what is intended and would also suggest other relationships. I have requested a Trac Account.
  • I had wanted to add the suggestions below by bdarcus to the wikipage but wasn't quite sure how to approach it. The suggestions were made under http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1311/ cites (or references) - - refutes - supports
  • I think you would need to allow users to define the title/description for each standard relation (I have to go off line...)
  • Your idea is more practical but how difficult is it to implement?
  • Sorry for not replying sooner. I'm using standalone notes for entering observations and ideas. I then link to related references. It would be very useful to be able to describe the relationship of each related link to the the note. Currently my…