• Thanks Adam. I will have a read to see what the best solution is. You may see me back here... Best Zed
  • Ok thanks. That's simply enough. And if I do that then a copy of everything will go to my dropbox zotero folder? Unfortunately I'm in rainy London!
  • Hi Adam, Many thank for your rapid reply. I have been trying to follow these http://libguides.princeton.edu/content.php?pid=31604&sid=3799749 instructions in zotero standalone. I got to the point of "change directory loc…
  • I have spent all day trying to understand how the zotero and dropbox link works and am getting very confused. I'm also not a very "computery" person unfortunately(I'm trying!).Hence I need some very very basic advice. I would like to able to access …
  • Hi, I am rather new to all this and need some very basic instructions! I'm trying to link my zotero to drop box.I put this: C:\Users\abdi\Dropbox\zotero in the "base directory" box What am I meant to do in the "data directory" location? …