• Thanks, looks like I just had to re-hack it for the most recent update. I'll make my bibtex output files available to others later today (Apr 4 2011) at:
  • Looks like the new Zotero updates have broken this functionality, at least on mac.
  • Actually, just found a solution for bibtex output for Zotero 2.11 here: I have implemented it in javascript files available here: http://www.sta…
  • Same issue (Mac OS). Cmd + shift +C and Cmd + shift + V do not work either. This is highly problematic for my workflow because I use zotero with bibtex.
  • Another solution to the capitalization problem is just to use a bibliography style that does not change the case of your bibliography entries. If you want to use APA style, feel free to use my bst file at:…
  • Feature requests for Bibtex export: 1.) When exporting to Bibtex, it would be great if we could preserve the "LastName, FirstName" ordering so that last names consisting of multiple words show up correctly in the final Latex document. For exam…