• wow, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot. I did look through the doc but managed not to find it (I guess I wasn't expecting it to be that simple...)
  • (maybe slightly off topic, but:) I began to look into the bibtex export code, and I finally found it in the zotero.sqlite file (which I dumped into a text file because I known nothing of SQL, line 15755 if it means anything). The key generation…
  • Thanks for taking care of it (and zotero is great, did'nt say it on my first post so here it is...). I use {Last Name}{YY} and add a letter in case of duplicate (my .bib is not that big -yet-). But any scheme would suit me, as long as the info is av…
  • bump. imho something must be done wrt the keys for zotero to really work with bibtex: as it is now, you must have your .bib file open, and search throught it the item you want to cite to get it's key (or did I missed smthg?). So at least to be …