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  • Same problem here. If you click on Zotero's "Actions" button and then create an error report, you can see this: [JavaScript Error: "DOI Translator: could not find DOI" {file: "file:////zotero/translators/DOI.js" line: 0}] And indeed the DOI doesn'…
  • Hello Dan, You were right, I had third party cookies disabled. Now I'm able to import from Wiley into Zotero :-) Thanks, Xavier
  • Thanks again. EndNote-type import worked (just needed to manually add the PDF, which was better than copying the 21 author names) I tried disabling all my extensions (except zotero of course) and I still have the same error. However, on a clean Fir…
  • Thanks for your answer. I forgot to precise that I have a small popup box on the bottom right of the browser informing me of the import failure. Could Not Save Item An error occurred while saving this item. Check < for more information.
  • The problem with this approach is that the toolbar is permanently disabled. To enable it, you have to remove the code in the file and then restart Firefox. Therefore, it is not a solution for people wanting to use it periodically.
  • I agree, either allowing to hide it using View/Toolbars or including it in the Zotero pane would be welcome. A full toolbar takes a lot of space, and nowadays with wide screen laptops vertical space is such a precious thing that it is a pity to wa…