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  • This is amazing work on so many levels (the UI is fantastic). Thank you! I can't wait to see what will be backported to Zotero and Zotero web particularly.
  • Just a heads up for those using Syncthing: the location of the Zotero folder has changed from ~/.firefox/PROFILE.default/zotero to ~/Zotero so you should adjust your Syncthing accordingly - I just removed the share and added it again.
  • @dan: deactivating all plugins such as LibreOffice integration and Better Bibtex improved a lot the situation with r17, now I upgraded to r19 and will report any issues accordingly. Perhaps this thread could be updated with notices of new beta relea…
  • Hello, I've been testing the 5.0 beta for a few weeks now, I'm afraid that it turned out quite unstable for me. The UI often freezes Firefox in its entirety, and selecting an item from the list will not update the detail view in the right pane (leav…
  • For the record, I can confirm that the setup described above in the detailed instructions works very well. Of course Zotero storage sync is a different matter and it provides a larger feature set for e.g. groups but for individual use Syncthing is n…
  • Yes, my suggestion is to hyperlink the DOI as you specify. I had never noticed the "DOI" label is clickable in the Zotero client (but that's a separate issue)
  • For a number of colleagues (including myself) having public tags (à la flickr) would be a major step towards social networking and using Zotero as a platform for the development of shared knowledge. See e.g. this blog post…
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  • Ok, apparently it's exactly what should happen: so this may be a real bug somewhere.