• noksagt-- 1. Thanks for information about Hierarchical Ontology. It's very impressive. Are there any sequel in it? 2. The most important property of an author (or people or organizations) is a canonical name and also alternative name…
  • "it needs to be enabled by a hidden about:config setting" Exactly how?
  • It would be fine computing between two items a similarity measure. If it is 100% - there is a duplicatum. If close to 100% - the items have some differencies, maybe there are some spelling errrors. If only 10-20% - something identical (autor, title)…
  • To Dan Stillman, "For #2, there is a "Duplicate Selected Item" option in the context menu when right-clicking on items." Unfortunately the Hungarian version of the option name is bad: "Kiválasztott elem" (Selected Item) only, without…
  • "Now I dont know how to correctly display some Slovak characters like: á, é, í .. It show only ????? instead. :( " And Hungarian ő, ű also. I think the Citeline server can't display correctly theese characters. Could someone help th…
    in ZOTZ Comment by Lalo March 7, 2009
  • "I would very much like to see Sentence case added to the text-transformation options. " Agreed also.