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  • Thanks! I think I am now persuded not to do that and experiment with JS instead. Sigh... Maybe it will not be needed, after all, and I am just overcautious. I don't expect the Group Library to exceed 1000 items, so applying the changes manually may …
  • Thank you. Wonderful support and a nice place! Maybe I will never need such procedure (now I hope so) but working on Group Libraries with many people, as I expect, some data maintenance will surely be needed. And certainly not often, perhaps once i…
  • This is quite enough! One can even make temporary collections just for the purpose, if needed. And the resulting files may be joined for cleaning up and then split again in the same places. Sounds nice! Thanks a lot!
  • Thanks again. This still does not sound that bad. "Date added" may be useful but certainly is not crucial to data integrity, so I may well sacrifice it. BTW: if it were exported, it would then be easy to move it to an unused field or create a note w…
  • Thank you both for replies. So one problem is solved -- as a beginner in Zotero I am now mostly concerned with entering data in a way that will not cause serious problems, and may look into style coding later. But to know that it is doable is fine f…
  • mark: Thanks -- I should have found it before asking the question :-)
  • I was just guessing. I think it would be useful to allow users select the fields to be taken into account -- but not knowing how the new algorithm will work, I will not insist on it :-)
  • Thanks! For the time being I have added numbers in square brackets to the tile as a quick solution. I think the marking feature will not be needed once the planned algorithm is implemented (I understand it will allow users to define which fields one…