• Very good news - thanks for the update.
  • I will use this solution for now and input the rest of the information manually when I cite. Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks for the information abour hierarchical items being in development. About using "series" for complete works, I don't know. I'm using Zotero in french (dealing with only french references, and also my first language is french, so I apologi…
  • Sorry to bump this thread, but I'm also having trouble to manage complete works of certain authors with Zotero. I don't have much to suggest, but would love to hear if something is being done to help with this, or if there is something I (and the pr…
  • I'm quite new to Zotero so would like to be sure I'm not missing something here. Is Zotero currently able to deal with introduction-author and book-author at same time? Seems not unless I'm missing something... For example, I want to cite the i…
  • I have come across this discussion while searching for a way to add "directeur de publication" information in my zotero library (I'm french speaking and manage only french references). Since it is not yet possible to do this correctly, I just wish t…