Will Chrome Ever Be Supported Now That Firefox 5 is a Pure Failure?

Zotero Support,

I find myself (like millions of others) forced to find another browser now that Firefox 5 has proven to be riddled with thousands of bugs and poorly designed coding. I'm not able to browse at all with FF5. Just go an read the forums, SE, and Firefoxs own internal support reports.

This means I need to cancel my Zotero subscription and find another service like Zotero to support my research. You guys placed all your eggs in the Firefox basket, which was a VERY unwise and lazy choice.

Please let me know if Chrome will be supported. It is the future of web browsing (for many reasons) and you will be out of business if you don't support it eventually.


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    I am seized by a curious temptation to make a comment involving Emperor Norton, but in view of my role as a mere project volunteer, I will refrain from doing so.

    I'm sure the developers will be happy to respond to your concerns.
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    Chrome is already supported. Just connect it to Firefox as described here, using Firefox to host your Zotero database. When Zotero Standalone is released (give it a couple of months) you can do away with Firefox entirely if you're so inclined.
  • For some historical perspective, when Zotero was conceived, Firefox was as much (if not more) the future of web browsing as Chrome is now. Since then, competition in the browser market has increased quite a bit, and the need to support other browsers has been recognized by the Zotero developers (hence the work on Zotero Standalone). This has only become possible relatively recently though (support for extensions was added in Safari 5 and Chrome 4.0, both released in 2010).

    Furthermore, I've never seen any example of laziness on the part of the developers.
  • I am happily using Firefox 5 without ANY issues... If you are having problems, why don't you just go back to FF 4 and wait for 5.1 or 6??
  • I have to say that while Chrome is a fast, reliable browser and I would welcome a Zotero plugin for it, it strikes me as rather harsh that anyone can describe Zotero developers as "unwise" and "lazy", seeing as they had gone on a development path that seemed reasonable at the time it was started, frequently released updates, and are now developing a standalone version. Methinks a bit of generous goodwill and gratitude (which I give now to the development team!) is in order. ;) I should also say that FF 5 works quite fine on my 4+ year old PC!
  • The OP is a troll; you all are giving them too much the benefit of the doubt.
  • The entire premise of this thread is logically flawed since:
    a) Chrome support is already underway;
    b) Firefox 5 is not a pure failure;
    c) There is no causal link between these two facts.

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