Winword integration 3.1 not compatible with Firefox 5

I tried installing Zotero 2.1.8 and word integration 3.1 on FF5, the Zotero 2.1.8 plugin works fine, am able to use it. however the winword integration is not working, the plugin installation itself fails stating "incompatible version" of firefox.

please advise.

  • I'm having a similar problem - zotero installed fine in firefox but when I tried to install the Word plugin, it said it was incompatible with Firefox 5. I don't see any information about this on the plugin page - that only talks about the right version of the plugin, not about versions of Ff.

  • Firefox 5 is still in beta and we have not yet released updated plug-ins for it. However, if you must have Firefox 5 compatible plug-ins, you need the dev XPIs, but heed the warnings there. (Mac users, see here.)
  • so, as far as I understand, this risks messing up your data in Word? how long before the plugins for FF 5 are ready?
  • They are "ready", but they are not fully tested, although the risk of document corruption is low (and zero if you keep back ups of your documents). A final release will be available prior to the release of Firefox 5. We are not aware of any issues at the moment and it is likely that the final plug-ins will be identical to those currently available.
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    Thanks for the responses Simon. However AFAIK FF5 is slated for release on 21st june and they have released the final beta today!! So that doesnt leave much time - I hope the testing will be done by then.
  • I need advice on when I can safely upgrade my Firefox to Firefox 5. My machine is Windows XP, and I am a regular user of Zotero for my paper collection, note taking, citation, and management.

    Will Zotero in the near future provide a "formal" announcement to her users that the users may safely upgrade to Firefox 5?
  • I don't know how "formal" the announcement needs to be, but the latest WinWord plug-in (3.1.1, released yesterday) is compatible with Firefox 5, as are the rest of the word processor plug-ins. We will update the front page to say "Firefox 3.6, 4, or 5" in the very near future.
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