work plug in for Zotera 2.1.7

Not an word processing plug-in option for 2.1.7. Can anyone help me determine the problem?
  • sorry, you need to go into more detail. German, Spanish, French, Portuguese are all fine if writing in English is a problem.
  • Hi people

    I have the firefox 5 beta, running on snow leopard, word 2011. Zotero macword add-in 3.1.2 is diasbled in firefox as it is 'not compatible with Firefox 5'.

    Please let me know if I can give any further information that will help.
  • rtillsley - please don't hijack other people's threads - the MacWord plugin hasn't yet been upgraded to FF 5 compatibility. You could try running it with a tester tool to force compatibility. FOr anything more start a new thread.
  • Hi Adam

    Please don't get accusatory. I found the original posters comment in a search who hadn't given any detail as to their version. With the little info they had given at first reading, it seemed to fit the same problem I have. They hadn't yet added more detail. Rereading it, perhaps they mean they don't even have the option appear rather than it is not working, in which case it would be different. A bit of civility goes a long way.
  • I didn't accuse you. I answered your questions, made a specific suggestion that could help to solve it and requested that you continue the discussion in a new thread otherwise - it's pretty clear to me that this isn't the same issue and there is no reason not to start a thread of your own. I write these posts quickly and don't measure every word, but I make sure they're helpful.
  • The advice was helpful, I'll leave the rest.

  • I'll offer "a bit of civility" and actually thank adamsmith for providing helpful advice.

    Now that this thread has been completely hijacked, abh4124, do you have any more details on your problem?
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