European characters displayed incorrectly

Hello everybody,
I am using Zotero 3.1.6 in Firefox 4.0.1.
After upgrading to Firefox 4, Zotero started to display some European characters incorrectly. It seems like the marks above the letters are moved one space to the right.
It happened to all items in my library and also to new ones created by entering ISBN.
Here is the example:
Incorrect - Myšlení přírodních národů
Correct - Myšlení přírodních národů
Thanks for any help.
  • I don't know what would have caused that-- did you get the examples above by copying them from your library, or did you type the diacriticals independently?

    Do you have any themes or Personas installed in Firefox?

    Nová verze Zotero nebo Firefox nic ne dělá s informací v vaše knihovně-- tento problém je jenom v tom, jak se projeví data.
  • Your first example is using combining characters, the 2nd using composed characters in unicode. Combining characters are fine but can sometimes cause problems with rendering. ( The problem is the font rendering, not zotero.

    Do you use ubuntu? The new "Ubuntu" system font seems to trigger the same problem for me. Changing the "System" font in the "Appearance" settings to "Sans" seems to solve the problem.

    On other systems I am not sure how to change the font that Zotero uses.
  • Actually this brings up another point; Zotero does not seem to do any unicode normalization, so if you have národů (combining) in your db and you enter národů (composed) in the search box you get no results. This is unexpected behavior and at least the search index should be in a unicode normalization form so that users do not need to worry about this.
  • Oops already an issue:
  • Thanks for your answers.
    Well, the examples looks rather the same in the post (they didn't while I was writing this post), but I think you have the idea what I meant.

    to ajlyon: no, I don't have any themes or personas installed
    the first example was copied and pasted
    the second one (the right one) was typed

    to egh: I am using WinXP SP3.
    Combining / composed characters might be it, but how to solve it?
    Is there any way to set Zotero to use just composed characters?
  • Hermansky, there is no way that I know of to get zotero to just use composed characters. (You can read more gory details in the link I posted.) Your best bet, I think, is to change the font that Zotero uses. Presumably somebody knows how to do this on Windows, unforunately I don't.
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