Problem with new interface of Web of Science

Does anyone know what wrong with new interface of Web of Science?
Zotero does not sense anything from there. The old interface seems to work but not the new one.

Many thanks
  • Nothing is wrong with the new interface. We just don't support it yet, but we will soon and well before the existing interface phases out.
  • Hi, there,

    The new Web of Science interface is live, as of this weekend, and I'd LOVE to see a new translator working as soon as possible!

    Thanks so much!
  • It seems that the old version of Web of Science, for which there was a translator, is no longer available since the beginning of february.
    The new interface of Web os Science is not yet recognized by Zotero.
    As a workaround until a translator is available, as mentioned in another thread, it is still possible to suscribe (for free) to the Endnote web service from the ISI web of Science and use this service to export citations in the BibTex format into Zotero.
  • Zotero now supports the new Web of Science/Knowledge interface. Please let us know if you experience problems with the site.


  • With the new WoS/WoK translator I can now see the Zotero document icon in the adress bar when in WoS. However, I cannot import at least these two references:

    The Tomato Sequencing Project, the first cornerstone of the International Solanaceae Project (SOL)
    Zotero creates a new entry in the middle panel, import page numbers, title, etc but then hangs up before importing authors (I closed Firefox after 10 minutes of waiting). I could repeat this reproducibly (closing firefox between each trial)

    * Causse M et al 2000 Cahiers Agricultures
    Enhancement of tomato genetic resources via molecular markers.
    for this one Zotero does not even creates a new entry.

    I can correctly import some other references from Web of Science.

    Also I would be nice to import references directly from the search page (with the folder icon in the address bar), currently I can import references only one by one.

  • Hi everybody,
    I experienced the same problems of phyto with several papers, even if I can correctly visualize the folder icon for multiple import.

    The last failed attempt was with the following paper:

    Title: Archaeabacteria bipolar lipid analogues: structure, synthesis and lyotropic properties
    Author(s): Benvegnu T, Brard M, Plusquellec D
    Source: CURRENT OPINION IN COLLOID & INTERFACE SCIENCE Volume: 8 Issue: 6 Pages: 469-479 Published: 2004

    With this paper zotero do not even import "Abstract" and "abbreviated journal title" fields.

  • In my case I do not see at all the folder icon in the address bar for a search page or the "marked list" page.
    (Windows XP Firefox Zotero 1.0.3)
  • Does anybody have the same problems ?

    I have not seen any ticket created about them, are we the only ones not able to import correctly references from WoS ? (there is also another started thread on this subject:
  • With the new interface of WoS, I've got NO author's name in some articles. Also tags in some articles were not collected.

    Thanks for your hard work, guys ;-)
  • A recent modification to the WoS/WoK translator ( seemed to have improved the author handling of references (I can now import the publication of Mueller et al previously described in this thread).

    Thanks mikowitz !!

    However I still have a problem importing the following reference in WoK:
    Causse M. et al
    Enhancement of tomato genetic resources via molecular markers.
    Source: Cahiers Agricultures Volume: 9 Issue: 3 Page(s): 197-210 Published: 2000
    The grey box appears in the lower right corner of the firefox window but nothing is written inside and no new entry is created in Zotero.

    Thanks again to the developpers!
  • Zotero is not detecting WoS references (no icon in address bar). Is anyone else having this problem?
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