Customizing a new style based on APA style

I need a new citation style that is based on APA style.

See the requirements at:

which need :
[I copy/paste relevant parts]
References to the literature should be mentioned in the main text by an Arabic number in square brackets. Use American Psychological Association (APA) style and list the numbered references at the end of each paper or chapter, under the heading References.

[I also copy/paste examples]
[1] Anderson, R. E. (1992). Social impacts of computing: Codes of professional ethics. Social Science Computing Review, 10(2), 453-469.
[2] Conger, S., & Loch, K. D. (1995). Ethics and computer use. Communications of the ACM, 38(12), 30-32.
[3] Mackay, W. E. (1995). Ethics, lies and videotape. In I. R. Katz, R. Mark, L. Marks, M. B. Rosson, & J. Nielsen (Eds), Proceedings of CHI'95 (pp. 138-145). Denver, Colorado: ACM Press.
[4] Schwartz, M., & Task Force on Bias-Free Language of the Association of American University Press (1995). Guidelines of Bias-Free Writing. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

As we know, in (pure) APA style there is no square-bracketed Arabic numbers.

How to do this?

Thank you very much.
  • I'd need some time to get to this, if you need it quickly see here:
    and have a look at the IEEE style to see how your citation section and the beginning of bibliographical entries should look.
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    Thank you for your link and hints.

    From reading your link and hints, I have tried myself to create modified style that is derived from APA 6e and IEEE.

    But I am not sure whether this modification is correct or not. After installing this, it seems that it is correct.

    If needed, I will copy and paste the modification of APA 6e style in this discussion thread. I use (MOD) strings in line of APA 6e style as marker to indicate modified parts.

    And I am also waiting for your better solution.

    Apparently, I still got wrong references list. I cannot make indentation like the one in IEEE style! :-(
  • great! If it looks fine it likely is fine - I've got plenty of work, so if you got this done yourself I'm not going to.
    If you'd like to share the style, put it as a public gist on
    the forum is not a good place for styles for a number of reasons.
  • Unfortunately, I still got wrong references list. I cannot make indentation like the one in IEEE style! :-(
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  • Ok, thanks for this.

    I hope, it's done myself.
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    I put the style code (Zotero APA 6E Modified Style for ICCE 2011 ICCE2011 in Thailand) as a public gist on :
  • great, glad that worked - I'm not going to put that on the Zotero repository if that's OK - seems too specific - but if this is broadly applicable to an association or so I'm happy to do that.
  • I think Ms Google will let the ICCE2011 (the 19th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2011) people find us here and there ( )
    by using keywords

    Zotero ICCE

    or other related keywords
    whenever they want to use Zotero to manage their citation and references.

    So you need not to put this style on the Zotero repository.
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