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Hi, everyone. I'm working in Word 2002 on WindowsXP(SP2). I have one file in particular, which likes to raise a runtime error (the code it provides is 5891), saying "That property is not available on that object," when I attempt to insert a Zotero note or bibliography. I can edit existing Zotero notes perfectly.

Initially, the error seemed to be tied to a table of contents I had at the beginning of the document. I deleted the TOC, reinserted it, and the error ceased appearing. However, the error began appearing again, and after deleting the TOC, saving the file, and rebooting my machine, the behavior is still the same.

I have this problem with no other file (as yet), but since this file is rather large, I would like to keep it instead of beginning anew if at all possible :-).

I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thanks so much!
  • We'd be happy to take a look at the file if you don't mind sending it to

    You might try copying sections of the document into a new document to see if you can reproduce the error. If so, you could send us just the excerpt.

    Otherwise, you'd have to toggle field codes in the document (Alt-F9 or Option-F9) and look for a field code that looked incorrect and/or different from the others, but that might be difficult.
  • I found out that this might happen when you have other cross-references or indexes on your document. A solution I have found, was to make hidden paragraph marks visible, an then by "try and error" (try to insert bibliography - delete paragraph etc) to locate the references that were causing the problem.

    It is not a final solution but it works. I hope someone can fix it.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, mod. Actually, after making my original post, I tried changing the outlining method from marking TOC entries manually to using Word's outlining toolbar. I just finished a paper using that method of building a TOC, and everything worked seamlessly, so I think I'll just do that from now on.

    Thanks, again.
  • Hi,
    I send you a sample document with the error. To reproduce it just try to insert a citation on page 8 (On some other pages it is not reproducible).
    I was not able to figure out what makes it happen, but there seems to be a bug somewhere…

    To get the doc go here:

  • I get this error (Runtime 5891; Report ID 794896313) in a particular document and it's made it basically impossible to work with. Copying to a new document doesn't help. Copying a section of the document to a new document works, but makes it impossible to reconcile the bibilography. It's an insidious error, too: I get to a certain point in the document and cannot make a new citation or edit the last citation. If I delete the last citation, I cannot recreate it and I now cannot edit the previous citation. I haven't tried deleting citations all the way up. Field codes look fine, from what I can tell.

    I don't have an index in the file like those above.

    This is the latest version 1 Word plugin, and error occurs in Word 2003 doc file and Word 2007 docx.
  • Nope, no track changes, and no umlauts, either. Any other ideas?
  • Figured it out or, at least, it works now. With formatting marks on I noticed there were TC field codes (table of contents?) a few pages beyond where I was trying to insert (not sure where they came from, but this doc has had a lot of authors). Getting rid of those seems to fix the problem. Thanks for the tips.
  • I had the same problem, 5891 error message box, I removed most, if not all, index entries from the page, and zotero started working again from within MS Word 2007.


    the index entries are the entries between the fields marked as {XE .....}
  • I've the same problem with the 5891 runtime error and it seems that Zotero doesn't like special word fields like index entries.

    Problem description:
    + If I use the e.g. the {TC...} fields of MS Word to mark additional index entries I can't insert a new citations after the first {TC...} field.

    + I'm still able to insert a new citation before the first {TC...} field and I'm able to insert a new citation if the insert mark is direct at (or inside) a zotero citation field.
    + I can copy & paste a Zotero citation field and edit the citation.
    + I can first insert the Zotero citation and than insert the {TC...} fields at the end of my work with document.

    I hope this can be fixed in (one of) the next Word plugin version.


    (Portable Firefox 3.0.11 German (, Zotoro 2.0b5, Word 2003, Word-Plugin 1.0b4)
  • I can confirm the problem with Index entries. Zotero will throw the error if there are index fields. Otherwise its fine.

    One workaround

    Use the automark feature of work to do the indexing with index items held in a simple table in another file.


    to remove index fields

    do all the citation work

    Lastly run the autoindexing to finish up the document

    This on word 2008 for mac with latest Zotero and plugin

    Would be nice if the clash with index fields could be resolved
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