Incorrect inclusion of letters after dates (e.g., 2011b) when citing in Word

Hi, I do not know if anyone else is encountering this problem, but when I am using Zotero for my references in Word, it acts a little buggy. The initial citations will appear fine, but when I add more citations to the paper, it occasionally will change earlier ones and the new ones incorrectly by adding a, b, or c etc. to the end of the date when this should not be done (e.g., Author X et al., 2000b even when this is the only paper by Author cited in the entire paper). I have been manually correcting this each time, which normally would not be such an issue except that it happens quite frequently. Any idea what is going on and how to fix it? I am using Zotero 2.1.6, Zotero Winword integration 3.1, Firefox 4.0, and Word 2007.
  • As noted on the other thread where you posted this, this is due to a processor bug that has been fixed. The issue should go away with the next Zotero release.
  • sorry - with so much stuff going on I wasn't sure if you had gotten to this one - glad you did, though!
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