Articles from Web Pages and Sites

I notice that magazine, journal and newspaper articles can be selected as an item type. No web articles? Or am I missing something?
  • "website" item types are automatically created when you click on "create new item from page" You can also, if needed, change an item to website later.
    "web articles" isn't a category that makes sense bibliographically - something can be a web-based journal article (e.g. Berkeley Electronic Press journals) or a web-only magazine (e.g. Slate), or a blog post, or simply a website - so Zotero covers a wide range of web-articles.
  • Yes, exactly, from a web only magazine. You have blog posts, forum posts, e-mail, im's, and web sites, but the latter is overbroad and covers anything saved off the web. These web articles are just like the other articles mentioned, but in different format, and increasingly found in research, as compared to some of the other types specified abobe. FWIW
  • treat them as magazine or journal articles (whatever is appropriate), include a URL and no page numbers and you should be fine.
    Zotero includes some odd item types that probably shouldn't be there (IM comes to mind), but they're actually not distinguished in the internal data model, so there is no cost involved.
  • I have used magazine, but they really are different, and perhaps deserve their own category for organization sake, when whoever there considers these matters.
  • how are they different?
    There is no need to use item types for organization - Zotero gives you collections, saved searches, and tags for that - so the question is really are they cited in a fundamentally different way, that can not be accomplished by testing for URL and/or page numbers - and I've never seen that.
    Item type "inflation" has a real cost in terms of data exchangeability, export, citation styles etc. so new item types are only added when there is a demonstrated need.
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