No Site Translator for Informaworld?

Does Zotero have a site translator for informaworld?

I am trying to add journal articles from "International Peacekeeping" which is only available to me on

The problem is that Zotero does not recognize it as a journal, does not import bibliographic information, and does not automatically add a pdf (like it does with jstor).
  • Same here, my university seems to be using Informaworld more and more :(
  • This doesn't seem to be working properly.

    The Zotero icon appears - but blue not grey and it saves the webpage, not the article info.

    Regards, Jon.
  • We've just added a translator for Informaworld. You can update your translators manually in the Preferences pane in Zotero, or they will update automatically within the next 24 hours.
  • I updated my translators but still having trouble with this page'd%20prefer%20not%20to*|bartleby*|excesses*|interpretation*

    Regards, Jon.
  • Sorry, that's my fault. The translator wasn't yet available when I posted that it was. But now it actually is. Let us know if that page is still giving you problems after updating again.
  • edited February 1, 2008
    Seems to be fine now, thanks very much.
  • OK, try one more time.
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