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  • Thanx for your answer kseaborn,

    can you specify what you exactly mean by "publicly available on Zotero"? It's a group collection and I turned the Settings in the Feeds/API-Setting to allow every kind of public access by means of the key. But it is not possible to make storage items of groups openly accessible on the Zotero Website (I guess due to copyright reasons discussed above) - is it that what you want me to test? I can't, its not possible with Zotero. But anyhow, I turned on the group option that anyone may see library items of that group.
    On the other hand, if I instead tried to make my own library (not group) items publicly accessible, this wouldn't work with the downloads, because they are on a private Webdav-Server needing a login to access the storage items.
    I thought from reading of your discussion with Dan Stillmann that the API-Key Solution was meant to get around the public availability issue with the group storage items. If not (this seems to be the problem here), than I would suggest a feature for Zotpress that simply shows the URL-field of the Items as a link, so that users might use this field to make downloads of their items available on their own responsibility and on their own storage space (this is what for example what the papercite-plugin for Wordpress does that I have been using so far - and it works quite well - but that relies on an "offline" bibtex-library file on the server - which zotpress does far better with using the zotero api).

    Besides: Any Ideas, why Zotpress doesnt't sort my lists at all?
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    Thanks for the response, lepasteffen. Yes, this issue was supposedly circumvented ... I was able to get it working for the user mentioned in my discussion with Dan Stillman.

    Actually, I'm considering adding a feature to Zotpress to just have users upload a PDF file on Wordpress (like you can currently do with images). I'm not sure when I'll get time for this, but I'm hoping to start on the next version of Zotpress very soon.

    I'm not sure why Zotpress doesn't sort your lists correctly. Can you send me a link to your library, and provide the Zotpress shortcode you're using?
  • Greetings Kseaborn,

    Thanks for the response. I believe everything is allowed. See screen capture --> http://www.screencast.com/t/ZXoCIpuddpd

    So yes, everything is good on Zotero side.

    Thanks for the assistance!
  • Hey kseaborn,

    Thanks for your answer, I am looking forward to that new upload feature, but again, wouldn't it be much easier to just convert the zotero-url-field into a true hyperlink? This would be quite practical because often journal papers or conference papers are hosted on other sites anyway... Anyhow, now to the sort-issue:

    This is my library:


    This is the function call:

    [zotpress nickname="gruppe" collection_id="87XZKKT7" order="date" style="harvard1" limit="30"]

    This is my Zotpress Output:


    And as you see: Nothing gets sorted :-(
  • Hi,

    Your plugin was just what I was looking for. However, it does not display any entries/publications in the post. I am just getting the "hourglass" icon indicating that something is being processed. However, in the Zotpress setup I am able to get a listing of all my publications and libraries so I am pretty sure I set up the keys correctly.

    Any suggestions anyone to what may be the issue?
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    Hi all,

    First off, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm working on Zotpress 3.0 as we, er, type. :) OAuth and friendly lag-handling have been implemented so far.

    @lmagassa Yes, all looks good to me, too. I'll look into this on the Zotpress side of things.

    @lepasteffen I think I might be using that field or another field ... Zotero has gone through some changes and I think Zotpress is out of date. This might also account for the sorting problems. I've also been informed that certain citation styles don't always work with the Zotpress sort feature.

    @oyvindhauge It's hard to say without looking at the page itself, but it sounds like you don't have jQuery loaded in your theme.
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    @kseaborn: I'm curious about the sort issues. Do you know which style or styles are messing up? Also, does zotpress rely on the server to perform the sort, or does it run citeproc-js locally?
  • @kseaborn: You were right. I missed jquery:
    Adding the following to the header of the theme did the trick:

    <?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>
    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    Good luck with version 3.0, and thanks again!!
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    @oyvindhauge: Glad to hear. I've added a note on how to do this in the Zotpress installation instructions for 3.0.

    @lepasteffen: I have some bad news. It looks like Zotero might not support the API "order" feature yet/anymore; see the note beside "order" here: http://www.zotero.org/support/dev/server_api I can't get an "order=date" parameter to work, either.

    @fbennett: Zotpress uses Zotero for sorting citations: it relies on the "order" URL parameter provided by the API. When writing the first version of Zotpress, I tested out all of the default styles listed here: http://www.zotero.org/styles The styles that were supported at the time are listed on the "Help" page of any Zotpress installation.

    Edit: Just did another test, and I can't get these styles to work: chicago-note-bibliography, chicago-note, ieee, mhra, mhra_note_without_bibliography
  • Sort causes zero entries to be loaded using this shortcode

    [zotpress collection_id="TXTUTR9D" download="yes" image="yes"]

    on this page: http://barronfam.com/?page_id=1412

    [zotpress] works fine.
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    Zotpress 3.0 released today. Phew! I hope the rest of the issues above are resolved or accounted for, but please let me know if that's not the case.

    Edit: Noticed that the sidebar widget was busted, OAuth should be conditional on its installation, and some styles looked awry in IE, so released 3.0.1 with fixes.
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    I've been using Zotpress to pull the contents of a couple of groups into pages in Wordpress. It was working smoothly until recently - I first noticed that citations were not appearing on the page around about 3.1.1, but the problem may have cropped up earlier. On the Citations page of the Zotpress dashboard I get the error.

    Warning: DOMDocument::loadXML() [domdocument.loadxml]: Start tag expected, '<' not found in Entity, line: 1 in / * * * /wp-content/plugins/zotpress/zotpress.default.php on line 205

    (I removed the specific path information)

    My private collection displays on the Dashboard without any trouble, though I've never been able to persuade entries from it to show on the Wordpress page, hence the use of groups.

    Any insights?

    [Belated edit: Issue was fixed by an update; plug-in is working beautifully (I hope I am not tempting the gods)]
  • Is there a way to define the language/locale the style uses?
  • No. That's not currently possible via the API.
  • Crosslinking a discussion of issues with private groups and Zotpress: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/18918
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    Came across this cross-site scripting vulnerability reported for ZotPress 2.6 — can I assume that this has been fixed in newer versions? The proof of concept given doesn't work for me in Zotpress 3.0 (or whatever is the newest version).
  • It works for me in ZotPress 4.3. It is possible to insert arbitrary code into several such administrative pages-- not good. It'd be good to go through and add some input validation routines, and move the database interaction to use exclusively prepared statements.
  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll look into adding security measures.
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    The wordpress forum for zotpress isn't letting me log in at the moment so I'll ask here instead:

    First off, thank you for creating this plugin!

    I'd like to be able to use CSS to alter the appearance of zotpress citations. Could there be a way to adapt the HTML output to make that easier? At least in 4.4, there is the "csl-entry" class but nothing finer grained than that. Could it go down to having classes for each CSL field? That would give us a lot of flexibility to adapt the output to a number of different needs.
  • milliken: That's not something that kseaborn would be able to do. The "csl-" classes come from citeproc-js, which the Zotero API (and Zotero client) uses to output formatted references. So this is really a citeproc-js feature request, not a Zotpress or Zotero API issue. Start a new thread and fbennett, the author of citeproc-js, might comment.
  • Dan beat me to it. But if you'd like this feature right away, you could write a little jQuery script to dynamically add classes, and style those with CSS.
  • @kseaborn

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    Any idea why my bibliography isn't getting displayed chronologically?


    (please check each tab)

    I'm using shortcodes such as:

    [zotpress collection="D9J52JXR" style=chicago-fullnote-bibliography]

    I'm adding the style to the shortcode, as selecting the default style with the Zotpress widget doesn't seem to be working.

    Thanks a lot!
  • note that Zotpress has its own support forum:
    you're probably more likely to get help there
  • No one replies... :(

  • ... and I'm really keen on using the tool. Was about to uninstall the plugin today and just generate the bibliography manually, but wanted to give it one last try...
  • it's only one person maintaining this and she's doing it on the side- so things can take longer.
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