Refresh after upgrade to 2.1

Several hours have passed since I pressed the "refresh" button, and it still hasn't finished ...

.... let me tell you the story.

I've just uprgraded to the latest version of Zotero and the Word plugin.
I've saved a copy of my thesis, and on the new copy I've clicked the "Zotero refresh" button. That was about 2 1/2 hours ago and it is grinding away (Winword is eating up 100% of one of the CPUs).

There is no bibliograph in the document (yet), just in-text citations.

The document is about 75,000 words and there are over three hundred unique references, and most of the references are used several times. I would guess that that are over 1,000 in-text citations.

I wonder if the add-in needs some optimization to better cope with large documents/lots of references.

... or is it just me.
  • And when it did finish I faced with the messages "Not enough memory" when I try and save the document ... is it a memory leak?
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