order authors when citing

When references have 20 (or more I assume) authors, the last author is put first, followed by: 'with', after which the other authors are listed in their original order. This happens for all default citation styles.

Is this by design, and if so, how can I disable this? Or if not, is there a way to change this behavior?

Running Zotero 2.1.1 on Ubuntu 10.10

Example Chicago manual of style:
Rompaey, R S A R, with Ferrier, Simon, George V. N. Powell, Karen S. Richardson, Glenn Manion, Jake M. Overton, Thomas F. Allnutt, Susan E. Cameron, et al., Jon C. Lovett. “Mapping More of Terrestrial Biodiversity for Global Conservation Assessment.” BioScience 54, no. 12 (2004): 1101-1109.

R.S.A.R. Rompaey is (should be) the last author of this article
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    Check the entry for "Ferrier, Simon" and "John C. Lovett". Are either in single-field mode (the icon next to it will look like two boxes)? If so, that author is being interpreted as an institution rather than an individual. Change it to two-field mode and "with" will not be used for the join (and the first-listed author will be placed at the end). If there are other single-field author names, give them the same treatment.
  • Yes, that did the trick. Not the first but the fore-last author was entered in single-mode. Curious behavior though. I can see some advantages, but it would be good if this behavior is more clear to the user. Especially because automatic download of references can apparently mix dual and single-mode entry of authors (I would expect it to behave the same for all authors, but as this reference was automatically downloaded from Google Scholar, I guess it is not).

    In any case, many thanks for this quick response and solution fbennet!
  • Yes, it's throwing a lot of logic at the limited structure of the input data, and you're right that, at the very least, this needs clear and prominent documentation. The advantage is that we'll be able to gracefully handle institutional authors without significant extension of the UI, where space is at a premium (especially with respect to names).

    Very glad to hear that it cleared up for you.
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