[Solved] Subcollection items not shown in collection

Previously, Zotero would show items from subcollections in all collections that contain them, no matter whether the items are actually part of those collections or not. Now, this is not the case any more. While there was the problem that it was difficult to determine, whether an item was part of a collection or one (or several) of its subcollections, I am not sure the present situation is better at all: now, there seems to be no way to create bibliographies for collections that contain subcollections, without copying all subcollection items into all collections further up in the hierarchy.

Since I have built my collections with the former system in mind, I would like to know whether this change was intentional, or whether it is a regression that will be addressed.
  • This isn't something it did "previously"—it's a hidden pref, recursiveCollections, that you turned on.
  • That was never the default setting - toggle the recursiveCollections hidden pref

    for identifying where an item actually is.
  • Thank you for the quick responses. Indeed, I must have turned it on at some point and lost the setting when I started with a new Firefox profile during the upgrade to 4.0. I'm glad it was solved so easily.
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