Font in Zotero half screen is huge...

but normal when in full screen mode. Using FF4 and Zotero 2.1.1. I have small font size selected in preferences. Hard to do metadata with the larger font that appears because yoyu cannot see the fields on the screen.
  • Do you have a persona or theme installed? If so, disable it.
  • Not sure how this happened-- maybe you can post a screenshot a free image hosting site and put a link here?

    Also try going to about:config and searching for "extensions.zotero.fontSize" -- you can set it to something like "0.7" to get a more reasonable size for metadata (I think this option should be in the main preferences-- Zotero is nearly unusable with the default size!)
  • And of course try Simon's advice before mine-- it does sound like a theme or persona.
  • i have nothing installed. i did close and re-open the browser and the matter was solved.
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