Author's name capitalised in database

I've just upgraded to the current version, and I've notice that one author has become capitalised in the database. Here is an APA refernce that includes the affected author and illustrates the problem.

JARZABKOWSKI, P., Johnson, G., Campbell-Hunt, C., & Smith, P. (2004, December 8). Strategising activity and practice. Workshop presented at the Australian New Zealand Academy of Management: “People first - serving our stakeholders,” University of Otago, Dundin

You can see that Jarzabkowski has become capitalized. This seems to be true of all the entries that include her. Such as:

Balogun, J., & JARZABKOWSKI, P. (2004). Strategizing and strategy as practice? A micro perspective. Academy of Management “Creating actionable knowledge.” Presented at the Challenge traditions in strategy, New Orleans.

I've not noticed this happening with anyone else.

At one stage I noticed that her name had been capitalised in the the group I set up (Strategy as practice) but that's no longer the case.

Any ideas?
  • And her name isn't capitalized in your Zotero library ("My Library")?

    Not sure how this could have happened, but does it go away if you fix her entries in your database?
  • It wasn't capitalized in My Library (the database) but somehow it is now.
  • Zotero does map multiple instances of a single author name to a single entry within the database (iirc), so perhaps somehow an entry was saved with a capitalized name, which then forced the rest to all-caps? Not that I've ever seen that happen-- but maybe it can. I'm fairly confident this won't happen again if you go through and fix it now.
  • Is there some way to tweak the DB so I don't have to make multiple changes....

    ... and to make things a little more exciting, I use Zotero on two machines syncing through WeDAV. Only one of them is affected.
  • not easily - it's an sqlite database and you _can_ modify it with an sqlite client, but it's certainly not recommended and requires some knowledge of sqlite - so unless you have dozens of articles with that name it's likely not worth it - especially because Zotero has auto-complete for authors.
  • And both machines have synced to the server?

    In that case you could double-check that all the data you need is on the server (and with correct caps) and do Reset->Restore from Server on the computer with the problem.
  • I'll try that ... but it might take hours to do (lot's of references).
  • Your double-checking of whether data is on the server needn't mean checking every entry-- if you've just synced, and the author names are lowercase when you view your library online, then the data should come back in the right case when you do Restore from Server.
  • Grrr. And now I have JARZABKOWSKI everywhere.

    I reset the server from the good data on one local machine.

    I restored the other machine from the server.

    Now both machines have JARZABKOWSKI .... I feel an attach of DB hacking coming on...
  • Hmm. That obviously isn't what I was expecting. This should be relatively straightforward with an Sqlite client-- but make sure that you close Firefox and backup zotero.sqlite before trying anything.

    I do hope that batch editing comes to Zotero soon...
  • edited March 23, 2011
    Been there. Done that. Got the tee-shirt. Hacked the DB :)

    ... batch editing, oh yes. It's so annoying having people such as Jarzabkowski, Paula A. and Jarzabkowski, Paula (without the A.)
  • This is very, very odd. It would be good to know how the all-caps form populated to the other entries for the same author. As far as I know, a difference in the data field should prompt Zotero to apply a separate creatorDataID to the two names, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm out of my depth here, but maybe it's some peculiar interaction with this particular WebDAV server?
  • but the WebDav shouldn't affect the metadata at all, should it?
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    It shouldn't. But when Zotero touches an author for editing, it compares the fields in JS with known content and selects (or if necessary creates) a database row with the content it sees. So long as JS isn't messing up the content analysis inside Zotero, the swap must be happening elsewhere. It's very strange that this should happen at all.
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