upgrade to firefox 4, word plugin can't install

after upgrading to firefox 4, upgrading new zotero. upgrading new word plugin failed, keeping saying a error, but no indication what's the error. Restarted firefox, restarted system, no effect.

This happened on a computer with windows xp, word 2003, and another computer with windows 7, word 2007.

Hope it will be fixed quickly. thanks.

  • Can you create a report ID?
  • Here is the report ID. 1630799186.

    The issue has been described above. For replication steps, for me, after upgrading to firefox 4, install new zotero and word plugin, a error dialog will appear. And, every time I restart firefox, the error dialog will appear.

    One more thing I'd add, despite the error dialog and zotero option says it is not installed, the word plugin is indeed installed in firefox add-on and I can see zotero bar in word. I tested it, inserting citation works, though not well. e.g. I don't want insert web links, but now I can't change it, perhaps zotero think it is not installed.

    let me know if you need more details.

  • Is Word open when you're opening Firefox? Zotero doesn't seem to be able to remove the old Word plug-in. If it isn't, try removing the old plug-in manual (it will be in the directory described here).
  • That's not the case. word was not open when I tried it. Actually, I tested like this: closed word and firefox, deleted zotero.doc. Then opened firefox, the error dialog appeared, though a new zotero.doc was generated. The error was still there when I re-do it.
  • This turns out to be a conflict with a safety software on my machine, which prevented from some changes word plugin would make. I turned it off, and word plugin was installed correctly.

  • Can you tell us what the software was so that we can add a note to the incompatible extensions and applications page? Thanks.
  • It's Kinsoft internetsecurity. It's not a traditional anti-virus software, avast on my machine is fine with zotero.
  • correction, the name is kingsoft internetsecurity.
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