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I would like to reorder the columns in the central library list, e.g., to put creator before title. That's not possible?

Also, I don't seem to be able to resize the right panel. Is that normal?
  • To reorder the columns, drag and drop the column title to the new position.

    No, it's not normal not to be able to resize the right panel. What version of Z are you using? OS? Have you restarted Firefox? Maybe even rebooted the computer?
  • actually - the right panel can only be reduced to a certain size, because of the buttons (which have a fixed and minimum size. You should be able to make it _bigger_ and then reduce it again to its original size (so arggem is right - you can resize it), but you can't make it go away/reduce it to a very small size, no.
  • At some point, a patch was posted to the forums that made it possible to reduce the right pane even more, and hide it completely. I remember that it worked at the time; you could keep searching in the forums and see if it still works.
  • Messing around I discovered that reordering columns does work after all. It just works differently from what I'm used to with other applications. When I click and drag, the title doesn't follow. If I keep dragging and then click on the position I want to move to, the column moves.

    I only noticed that it was working by accident, when I thought an attempt at dragging had failed. Had to experiment with it a little more to figure out exactly how it was working.

    Is that the way it's supposed to work? If so, not very transparent.

    Still unable to resize the right panel.

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    Is that the way it's supposed to work? If so, not very transparent.
    Column reordering is a Firefox feature, not a Zotero feature.

    You don't click twice, though. You just drag the column. It doesn't show the movement, but it still works like in any other application.
  • Thanks. At least I know how to use it now. The fact that movement 's not shown had me fooled.
  • Can anyone tell me how I can hide the right pane? Adamsmith mentioned it above, but I cannot find it in the forum with the keyword 'right pane'.
  • no - I say "you can't make it go away", i.e. it's not currently possible to hide the right pane.
  • There is a patch somewhere on the forums to make the right pane hideable. Not sure if I can dig it up, but I found it useful.
  • I'm sorry, adamsmith, and thanks, ajlyon! I found the code at , but can't see how to apply it. I left comment on that thread.
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    With Mendely you can hide the right pael. I'm not gonna be moving to Mendeley, but it made me realize that feature would be handy on Zotero.
  • The code ohthere references probably still works, but is a bit messy to apply. The problem is that Zotero would have to rearrange the tool buttons (locate, save, etc) when the panel is opened and closed, so it's not completely trivial to implement.
  • hi, i have plugged in zotero version 4 for mac.
    i got 2 problems
    1/ i don't have a right column on my screen and i can't find it
    2/ i can't add a reference from web page even though i've downloaded the extensions .
    help !
  • 1: it's just minimized. Click on the right of the pane to maximize it again.
    2: Start here:
  • thank you so much ! i was a little disappointed! now i can work thanks to you !
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