zotero macWord 2008 integration

mhickerson 1 day ago
i have the same or similar problem but could not get past

"Go to the Firefox profile directory and go to extensions/zoteroMacWordIntegration@zotero.org/install."

because there is no
within the
Firefox profile directory.

I would like to get the zotero plugin working within ms word 2008, but maybe it is time to start using openoffice?
Dan Stillman 1 day ago edited
there is no
within the
Firefox profile directory

Then either you didn't install the Word plugin into Firefox or you're not looking in your Firefox profile.

In any case, start a new thread.

Hi Dan,

i am using
Mac OS X 10.6.6
Mac Word 2008 (english)
Firefox3.6.15 and i assume Zotero2.0

i downloaded the two required xpi plugins and installed into Firefox.

AppleScripts menu does not appear in my word and nothing was put into my
~/Documents/Microsoft User Data

I am looking in the Firefox profile but find nothing about zotero macWord integration.

any ideas?

thank you in advance
  • First, make sure that Zotero MacWord Integration and PythonExt are actually showing up in Tools->Add-ons->Extensions in Firefox. If both are there, press the Preferences button next to Zotero MacWord Integration and click the Reinstall button.
  • Did this to Zotero MacWord Integration and it was properly installed
    but ....
    when i checked the Python i was not able to press the Preferences button. I reinstalled the PythonExt again but still the same problem - i can not confirm if Python is installed
    thank you
  • did you click the "reinstall" button in the preferences of the MacWord integration?
  • why don't you just search for
    zoteroMacWordIntegration ? It's gotta be somewhere...
  • i did that and have not found this exact problem yet
  • I meant on your computer, not on the forum, sorry that wasn't clear
  • no "zoteroMacWordIntegration" on my computer.
    Only downloaded files
  • Zotero-Word-Plugin-1.0b3.dmg is for Zotero 1.0 and has nothing to do with Zotero 2.0.

    If Zotero MacWord Integration (Zotero-MacWord-Plugin-3.0b7.xpi) is properly installed in Firefox and shows up as installed in Tools->Add-ons, you will have a zoteroMacWordIntegration@zotero.org folder in the 'extensions' subdirectory of your Firefox profile directory. There's really no way around that.

    i assume Zotero2.0
  • oh whoops.

    yeah i have Zotero 2.0.9

    so i need to find the Zotero-Word-Plugin files for Zotero 2.0 instead of the 1.0.
  • you already have that

    But to be safe I'd install a fresh copy from here
  • installed the fresh copies of python
    python 2.6.2

    reinstalled the word components of Zotero-MacWord integration 3.0b7

    still no Applescript for zotero in the mac word
  • and no sign of it in the FF folder either?
  • there is no
    anywhere on my computer
    and there is no 'extensions' subdirectory in a Firefox profile directory on my computer
  • If you don't see an 'extensions' directory, you're not looking in your Firefox profile directory.
  • now looking in my Firefox profile and see that zoteroMacWordIntegration@zotero.org is indeed listed under extensions but when i open the profile using my Finder, i do not see it anywhere
  • Rereading your original post, in which you said the "AppleScripts menu does not appear in my word", I'm not sure you're even looking in the right place. There's always an AppleScript menu in Word 2008.
    but when i open the profile using my Finder, i do not see it anywhere
    I don't know what you mean by this, but it doesn't really matter. The folder is obviously there. At this point I'd recommend you ask someone (your local IT support?) to help you in person, since we've provided pretty much all the support we can here.
  • i just realized i am using Word 2004
  • edited March 18, 2011
    Wow. I'll go ahead and offer my thanks and apologies to adamsmith, Simon, and Dan.
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