need help creating a new style - ASCE

being a complete novice at this I would appreciate any help in creating a style for ASCE publications (Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers)
I've tried the online utility, but it didn't work out for me - must have been entering something incorrectly...
Here are the details:
in text:

Since the genes encoding for many enzymes used in biodegrading
xenobiotic compounds reside in plasmids (Slater 1988), their
transfer to other organisms is possible.

Six major processes govern a steady-state
biofilm (Rittman and McCarty 1980).

These analytical solutions are compared to a numerical solution
developed by Rittman et al. (1986).

Our best hope for doing this is through application of gene
probes (Atlas and Sayler 1988; Jain et al. 1988).

in reference list:

1) Technical Report:

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2) Journal Article:

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3) Article in Proceedings:

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6) Thesis:

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