'Create New Item From Current Page' when translator exists

I was reading an interesting article and I opened up Zotero and chose 'Create New Item From Current Page' which it did. I then noticed that there was a Zotero translator icon on the right side of the address bar. I then chose that. Comparing the two saved items it is clear (not surprisingly) that the second version using a custom translator was able to gather more information such as author, journal, etcetera.

My feature request is simply that if 'Create New Item From Current Page' is chosen when a translator exists that the translator be used.

Not a big deal but probably easy to do.


Peter Andrews
  • The difference in function is intentional-- Create New Item from Current Page reliably takes a simple snapshot. Translators sometimes break, sometimes they save the current page, sometimes they save other related pages (PDFs, etc.). Both are useful and should be available.

    But maybe documentation and such could be improved to make this more clear.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I see your logic.

    On a separate but related not, since you use the term 'snapshot' in other places, perhaps 'Create Snapshot of Current Page' would be more explicit than 'Create New Item from Current Page'. Although I understand why you use the icon you do you could replace it with the cheesy camera snapshot icon.
  • That seems quite reasonable. There used to be a separate Create Snapshot of Current Page function, with the cheesy camera icon, but that was eliminated when the decision was made to get rid of web page snapshots without parent items. Now that the memory of that 1.0.x feature has faded, we could probably rename the function and reuse the icon. I like it.
  • It's not the same feature, though. If you have the pref off or you hold down Shift, it doesn't even save a snapshot.
  • That does make it a little more difficult, although the button is of only very limited utility with the preference off (I suppose it makes a basic bookmark-like record).
  • GUI gurus might scream but perhaps the menu item and icon changes from camera/'snapshop' to page/'new Item' depending on the current setting as determined by preferences plus shift key.
  • Possible bug in forum discussion tracking: I got emails when ajlyon answered on this thread but not when Dan did -- I only knew about Dan's post when I saw ajlyon's response to Dan's post.
  • I think the icon probably should change based on the setting.
  • Dan -- regarding forum notification . I followed your link and understand what the functionality it supposed to be. However, I don't think that explains what I received. It was correct that I did not receive a notification about your post (because ajlyon had posted since my last post). However, why did I get a notification about ajlyon's response to you? I don't think that I visited the thread in between.
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    Start a new thread if you want to discuss this, but we don't have any reason to believe this doesn't work the way it's supposed to. I get dozens of notifications a day, and it always works exactly as expected.
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