PDF Attachments

2 questions:

1. Where does Zotero store them?
2. If stored on my hard drive, and I delete them, will Zotero be able to find and/or use them?

  • 1. http://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data
    2. I don't understand the question.
  • I download a pdf into a temporary folder, then open it in my browser and create a record in the library, with the pdf as either the main entry or an attachment. The link shows the file in the folder on my hard drive where I stored it. If I delete the pdf from that folder, or the folder itself, will Zotero be able or unable to open it in my browser? Does that help?
  • yeah, you can safely delete the temporary folder and pdf - Zotero stores a copy of the pdf in its data directory.
  • Thanks for the info. :)
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