Sync error

The last couple of days I've been getting a sync error while trying to sync my files to the icloud webdav-server. I'm using 2.1b4

My report id is 1768702024
  • HI
    I am also getting an error - 'empty response from the server', no 1929917615. It said to report it on the forum, so trying that to see if there's anything that needs sorting out. I'm very new to Zotero, so apologies if there's a simple way to fix this that I don't know about.
    Thanks very much
  • Repeated sync errors this morning. Report ID 1039026705. 2.1b4 running in FF 3.6.13.
  • @kategooding: The empty response error is usually temporary-- does the error persist if you click the sync arrows and try to sync again?

    As for the others, I can't offer much until one of the core devs takes a look at the specific errors.
  • same here, my report id is 610791015, i´m 2.1b4 in FF 3.6.13 - and i get the sync error for mor then a day now, no matter how often i retry....
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