Maximum number of linked files per record

For a particular source I have 50+ files to link. This isn't my norm, but need a solution for the few. I successfully added about 50 jpg's. I then tried another 100 and that crashed Zotero. I searched but couldn't find in the documentation or forums what the total maximum number of attachments, in this case linked attachments, is per item.

I'm a new Zotero user. Using the Jan 14 alpha standalone Zotero version. There may be a difference in total number of attachments for the standalone vs the FF version.
  • I don't think that there is a fixed maximum. First of all, is Standalone just working very slowly and seemingly freezing, or does it close unexpectedly?

    If possible, provide debug output and an error report for the failed attempt to add so many attachments. If the entire program shuts down, you may not be able to get debug output-- hopefully one of the core devs can give instructions on how to get such debugging information from Standalone in that case.

    We'll probably also need to know what OS you're running.
  • Unfortunately I thought there was a limit and had closed Zotero standalone. However, going back in later I discovered that indeed the other 50+ items in addition to my original 50 were all displayed as external links under the item. Would thus assume that Zotero was extremely slow but finally finished the process. From the user perspective with no feedback, I had assumed the process had failed. I will experiment further and determine if there is more specific output for any problems not that I know there is no specific limit. Other programs do have limits (e.g., Endnote is about 45). Mendeley appeared unlimited but attached the links/files much faster so you could see what happens. I'd prefer to switch to Zotero standalone instead of Mendeley (from Endnote). Thus testing all the features of this new standalone with my sampling from my current 2800+ Endnote database by manual entry. I cannot make the Reference Manager [RIS] output from Endnote import into the current alpha standalone.
  • Forgot to include that I am using Windows XP SP3. The Endnote I'm exporting from is an older version -- X1. Zotero is the only standalone release current as of 1.23.2011
  • As a followup, I now have 80 attachments linked to one item. Found that when attempting to do a large number at one time, Zotero crashed. Then attached about 20 at a time until all were linked and that worked successfully.
  • Can you explain what you mean by crash? Did Zotero actually close, or did it stop responding for a long time? If it crashed, we'll need you to send the crash report to the Zotero devs for troubleshooting, but I don't know how to get a crash report for Standalone. Maybe someone can chip in and tell you how to do so.
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