Click to open linked .txt or .jpg or.gif (etc) file

I'm a new user and experimenting with the alpha standalone version. Maybe this feature is not yet implemented in standalone to open linked files?

Clicking on a linked PDF file opens the PDF in Acrobat. Clicking on .txt or a .jpg does not open the file. Am I missing something? I would expect that simply clicking the linked file icon in the attachment list for an item should open the txt or jpg file as well.
  • This is presumably a rough area that has been overlooked -- these are file types that would ordinarily open in a tab in Firefox, but the standalone doesn't have a way to do that. This is probably a very easy fix on the developers' side. Thanks for pointing it out. TIcket created.
  • Thanks for creating a ticket. Should note that if I drag & drop of a .txt or .jpg file onto an item, those internal vs external links don't open the item in the designated viewer either. For me it appears only the PDF file format works.
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