Slow syncing? Read this.

There has been very heavy sync traffic to the Zotero servers since the beginning of January. We're preparing a major change to the Zotero server architecture that should be live within the next few weeks—currently planned for the weekend of the 22nd—and that should greatly reduce sync times.

There is no other answer currently than to be patient—anything else you do (resetting, restarting Firefox) will make the problem worse. Syncs should go through fastest at night Eastern US time, when the sync queue is short or empty.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Hi Dan -

    I've read over a lot of the forums on slow/never-ending syncing and first - thanks for all your answers/advice.

    I use Zotero to work with research assistants - they input entries into my library, using my sign-in, etc. My new RA started last week, so she needs to sync my whole library (369 files) onto her computer before she can input new data. We've been trying to do this - including leaving Firefox open & the sync going all day (6 hours) and all night (last night, about 15 hours), but still haven't gotten any data.

    I know you are working on an architecture solution, but given the long time we've waited, I fear that something else is wrong. Preferences are set the same between my settings & hers. Any other advice?

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    The answer is the same for you as for everybody. I see no active sync for you, so restart Firefox if it's still spinning, but there's nothing to debug.
  • Hi Tasleem

    Why not just copy the library and directed the RA's computer's firefox Zotero to use the file as its library? Works for me.

    Hi Dan

    Sometimes it works by restarting firefox for me, but not always. Doesn't hurt to try it once before be patient.
  • Thanks, Dan :) Will wait for the architecture fix.

    Meanwhile, tchen22 - thanks for the suggestion. If I do that though (use a copy), and then sync to upload the new additions from my RA, will Zotero recognize the copied entries as the same ones that already exist in my library? Or will I end up with 2 copies of everything once the sync finally does go through?

  • If I do that though (use a copy), and then sync to upload the new additions from my RA, will Zotero recognize the copied entries as the same ones that already exist in my library?
    If you copy the full data directory, yes. If you use export/import, no.
  • Got it. Thanks for the link - I'll try that!
  • We do not have many files to synchronize but several days ago the arrow is spinning continuously, but not synchronize. This is normal? Thanks!
  • You have a queued sync from earlier today. Let it finish. A wait time this long isn't "normal," as my original post in this thread says, but it is expected right now. We're planning to switch to the new server architecture this weekend.
  • Dan,
    could you check if there is an active sync for me? (aurreco)
  • At last! I let Zotero sync on my laptop during the day (approximately 10 hours) and got the library contents uploaded and updated. Thanks for all of the useful suggestions!
  • Please note that we've just completed the first stage of a major architectural upgrade. Sync times should continue to improve over the next week.
  • Hi,

    I've had trouble syncing. I have used (and logged in) on both computers, and only about seven documents have synced to my library--it's been about four days. I have also created a group and no data has been synced with the group.

  • I've been attempting a sync now on my laptop for 3.5 hours. This isn't from scratch -- it should only be picking up a few items from my desktop machine. I'm running the Standalone Alpha on both. Could you check the logs for a sync? (johnsonsf)

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    Hi Dan. I left the computer on all night with Firefox open and it's still spinning this morning. A person I work with does not have entries that were made 1/19/2011. If I hover over the spinning arrow the message is "Uploading data to sync server".

    Could you check the logs for me?

  • Hello Dan,
    I need to add my name (markneff) to the list of people needing support for syncing. I use a laptop at home, and a desktop at work. My laptop (mac) hasn't succeeded in syncing for about a week. I have the endlessly spinning arrow and a message that says "Getting updated data from the sync server." My desktop (windows) syncs to the server just fine, but because the server doesn't have the data from my laptop, it obviously isn't getting the data.

    Thanks for all of the support- we all understand that you're probably swamped with all of the upgrades.
  • The green syncing icon has been spinning for THREE DAYS. I'm doing the same thing I did before, when it was nearly instantaneous. I need this material for my job. Please help...
  • Same here. Zotero is useless for us without proper syncing. We will look for other solutions if the syncing cannot be fixed.
  • Error # 349240593 indicated. Sync didn't work (several hours) on office computers. Now home computer a problem. Several users at the office had no problem. Suggestions?
  • I tried unsuccessfully to sync for over 7 hours today. Would it be possible to provide an update on how the solution is progressing?
  • Could you guys post an update on the syncing issues? First, I agree with markneff above that we're sympathetic with the "swamped" nature of your transition at the moment. However, I'm paying you guys $240 a year to sync my data -- for that I expect at least a clear explanation of why I haven't been able to sync for a week. Of course, it's all the more surprising since previously I've had very few hiccups with Zotero syncing.

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    Just wish to add my name to the list.
    I have just got a new laptop, and having been attempting to download my library to this. I restarted several times, and now after reading the forums have left it running for several hours. I am also paying for the premium additional storage space - this does make me wonder why.

    Please, at least some indication on how long this will take. As this is a new computer I am installing lots of programmes too, so ideally need to keep rebooting - but for now holding off on hope that I'm nearing the front of the queue - maybe some display of the positions in the queue would be useful.

    Thanks, Tom.
  • I am pleased to add that after leaving my computer on over night, it has successfully synced. I'm not sure how many hours it took, because I was asleep!

  • Mine also finally synced this morning. Thank you for fixing the problem.

    Could the Zotero team offer a roadmap for the transition? Should we expect more syncing downtime in the near future?

    Thanks again,
  • I tried unsuccessfully to sync for over 5 hours today. Would it be possible to provide an update on how the solution is progressing?
  • having the same problem, any news on solution progress would be welcome.
    (report ID 147612207)
  • I also cannot sync to my new computer. My library has over 3000 references. It is a major problem for me right now. (report ID 201126664). Is there anyway to export the library from the web and install it locally?
  • Well I tried again this morning (after leaving it running last night and it failing) - and it synced!

    Thanks -
  • Thanks also from me -- something finally worked and now I am synced both at home and at work! Thanks for developing and supporting a very useful program.
  • report ID 257412104
    I seem to be having the same lack of success with sync as reported last month -what is the latest update on the situation with this problem?
  • Yes, bad day for me too on my Mac FireFox forcing a reset from the server.
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