Sync fails

(Report id 8832140)

Sync fails after a while (does not take long). Problem persists after restarting FIrefox and after reboot.

  • What is the error message on sync?

    (Only core devs can see submitted error reports-- most of us here on the forums see only what you provide in your post.)
  • Alert icon says "Error processing uploaded data".
    Error log in popup window reports Javascript errors unrelated to zotero.
    Last ok sync was 6hrs ago...
  • This should be fixed.
  • Just tried to sync (haven't successfully synced this computer in several days, but was waiting for the upgrade) and got this error message: 47cfe1404c.
  • marionsd: There's no need to post sync errors unless they're reproducible. That error is just an intermittent error, and syncing again a minute or two later would likely have worked fine.

    Also, as I've said to you elsewhere, you should create new threads for new sync issues rather than posting in someone else's. Your error has nothing to do with mmzz's above.
  • Sync works! Thank you Dan.

    Zotero is really a great great tool!
  • Glad to hear it. Closing this thread.
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